Always getting in trouble.


its not safe to wear a yes badge in Glasgow tonight, someone has been stabbed and there are literal fascists flooding our streets. the English defence league and orange order are in George square giving nazi salutes and burning Scottish flags. this is what it’s come to a day after the vote, a day after a no vote happening. stay safe all of you.


i feel like this is what would happen if pokemon gym leaders were real


i feel like this is what would happen if pokemon gym leaders were real


It never occurred to me that draft mules were a thing but apparently they are and they just look like giant monster donkeys.

Totally! Back before combustion engines really were a thing and animals were still used for a vast majority of work (farm, timber, pulling carts, riding) mules were so much more useful than either donkeys or horses that there are special breeds of donkeys that were specifically created (probably those ones you are referring to) and kept around mostly just to be used in the breeding of high quality monster-sized draft mules.

Draft mules and draft donkeys are the coolest thing ever.

Today’s anxiety coping mechanism: when in doubt, brag about how awesome you are.

So in the end, Scotland voted no, and the UK is staying together.


Me: Well I still haven't gotten a call from X company, so I will probably be doing Y job next week when they offer it to me.
Person: They don't know what they're missin', right?
Me: Anybody who doesn't want me there OBVIOUSLY doesn't know what they're missing. I'm fantastic.







I’ve never been more emotional about any social media post in my entire life

UPDATE: guys Beth Broderick tweeted yesterday that this Salem is THE SAME SALEM!!! He’s 20 years old man!!!! 20!

That Salem is still kicking is all I care about.

Wasn’t Salem a robot

most of the time he wasn’t real but they did use a real cat sometimes








Disney vs. 7 early fairytales 

The 1812 version of Snow White is even worse when you consider that the girl was only seven years old in the tale (plus her unconscious body ended up being carted around by the prince until one of his servants accidentally woke her up).  Also, in The Little Mermaid, the mermaid’s unable to speak because she had her tongue cut out >__<

But I’d love to see faithful adaptations of the original tales.  Especially Bluebeard.  We need a Bluebeard adaptation.

Actually, the original-original pre-Grimm Brothers’ stories that were passed around Europe via oral tradition are nowhere near as violent as the Grimm’s made them. Cinderella’s stepsisters were never ugly and kept their eyes, Snow White’s mother was not even a villain (instead a group of bandits were), and instead of spending the whole story napping Sleeping Beauty outwitted a dangerous bandit leader, wouldn’t let him sleep with her, and saved herself. 

The original oral stories were radically changed by the Brothers Grimm to fit their personal and political beliefs. Most notably, they often added in female characters solely for the purpose of making them evil villains and took away most of the heroines’ agency and intelligence. Both brothers belonged to a small fanatical sect of Catholicism that vilified women because of the idea of Original Sin and Wilhelm in particular had a particularly deep hatred of women. The Grimms were actually pretty horrible people. Those cannibalistic queens and ugly stepsisters and the mass amount of violence against women didn’t exist until the Grimms wanted them to. Their ideas stuck so soundly though that we now assume they were in the original tales and that these terrible characters and ideas come out of some perceived barbaric Old World culture. But in truth they’re really the Grimms’ weird obsession with hating women showing through. The original oral folklore focused on the heroes’ and heroines’ good deeds and used them as ways to teach cultural norms and a society’s rules and encouraged girls to be quick-witted and street-savvy instead of passive princesses, and the Grimms promptly stripped that all away. 

"Grimms Bad Girls and Bold Boys" by Ruth Bottingheimer is an excellent book on this

We had to read The Book of Lost Things for school and it’s Grimm level crazy 

Not only that, you’re skipping out a really important thing: the brother’s grimm got those tales from WOMEN, women were the ones who would tell these tales orally and the brother’s grimm took them, altered them to be sexist and never gave the women credit. You can read Clever Maids the Secret History The Grimm Fairytales for more info

reblogging for the excellent commentary

so my political views basically boil down to “don’t be a dick to people with less privilege than you” like I mean in the most boiled down nutshell. You shouldn’t be a dick in general but politically the things I find important are almost universally the things that revolve around how government and other people treat the people with less systemic power than them.

Which means that people who laugh at me about it, I read that as them laughing at me for having compassion.

And that makes me blisteringly mad. People who laugh at others for showing compassion is just. I can’t. It trips a switch in my brain that labels that person as an asshole and 100% not my worth my time.

I can’t handle it.

I have had to restrain myself from cussing out revered family members who made jokes at me about this type of stuff.

Don’t laugh at people for being compassionate. Jesus fuck. Compassion is like the single saving grace that we have as a species. Quit trying to ruin it.


idk who she’s sparring with but they’re gonna be on the floor in about six seconds


idk who she’s sparring with but they’re gonna be on the floor in about six seconds