Always getting in trouble.








Which monster wreaks havoc on your state?

I went from the land of the Poop Monster to the Cardiff Giant, an improvement I think.

Wait, WI has the Beast of Bray Road!? I have not heard of this! I thought ours was the Hodag!

While Rhinelander’s Hodag is more famous than the Beast of Bray Road, the Hodag was known to be a hoax almost immediately (and the legend stuck around because it was fun). The Beast of Bray Road (Wisconsin’s Werewolf) has remained an unresolved legend.

I only just now learned what the Beast of Busco was. 

It was a snapping turtle. 

We are not a clever people.

My favorite Indiana cryptid is the Crawfordsville Monster… which turned out to be a flock of birds.

We are a simple people with simple fears. 

Side note: I need to write that into a thing. 

Um. Willatuk (the seattle sea serpent) was made up by a guy who did a mockumentary.

Pretty sure that bigfoot/sasquatch is still the main cryptid. Sometimes some of the lakes try to steal claims to Ogopogo but he’s canadian.

The worst part about job hunting is trying to deal with my cover letter.

I fucking hate cover letters.

The language feels fake and bullshit to me, but every single recommendation from people is more of the same and I don’t understand any of it. So I get really frustrated and upset about my inability to even communicate to these people in the initial contact. Like how can I remotely prove myself if I can’t even get an interview.

Even when I’m getting compliments.

How can I be confident that I’ll even get an interview when I have ZERO faith in my communication with them. I’m not a sales person, and applying is all about selling yourself and sales is literally the thing I am 100% a failure at. I cannot sell you something. I can be helpful! And give you information. But I cannot CONVINCE you. Especially on the spot. And using language that I am uncomfortable with.

It’s gate-keeping and I hate it.

So now I’m all upset and I haven’t even sent out a resume.

You know what sucks.

Trying to defend the concept of a Livable Minimum Wage and very strongly believing in it, but at the same time having no fucking context in your mind for how that feels because you’ve been working for pennies for so long that even just 10/hr feels completely unreachable and ~wow so much money~

So like asking for a “preferred starting wage” on a job application and you feel like they’ll think you are completely unreasonable if you ask for anything at all.

i tried finishing this before your birthday but that didn’t work out

me 3 months after your birthday (via 1stiparkmytardis)

Or maybe like.

A year later.



It’s okay to not like sex.

It’s okay to be sex repulsed.

It’s okay to not want to try sex at all ever.

It’s okay to be like this. You don’t have to be asexual to be sex repulsed. And being sex-repulsed is perfectly fine. If you don’t want to have sex then that’s okay. It’s all okay.

Is there any hobby group (fandom, if you will) that doesn’t refer to people who don’t do that hobby as “Muggles”?

I keep seeing it with geocaching and fiber crafts and I tell you what, I’m kinda tired of it.

yarn. yaaaaaarn.

My first chain-ply, and my first 3ply!

It has almost no residual twist! :D BALANCE.

And it’s so preeeetty.

My chocolate stash.

My chocolate stash.

One of my favourite things about spinning is just working on it and every once in a while you take a moment (usually maybe as you’re winding) and you think to yourself…. holy crap I just made yarn.





Ronald Reagan pretty much ruined everything for millennials.

fuckin’ ronnie

I try and bring up how he ruined free in state tuition in the name of hippie bashing when he was California’s governor often, but don’t exactly have the biggest platform.

"Worst of all, these students’ sense of the future is constrained by planning for and then paying down their student loans, often for decades. Economists are waking up to the fact that when young Americans enter the workforce burdened with over a trillion dollars in cumulative debt, they become risk averse, unwilling to move, less able to make major purchases, and slower to become homeowners. Not coincidentally, they don’t feel safe enough to register any major protests against the society that’s done this to them.”


hang on a sec.

Are you saying.

That these people practically had free tuition.

the same ones that are giving us so much shit for the way our lives are?

"I could pay for my tuition by working a summer job!"

oh my god are you shitting me?